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Lights Camera Africa 2018 Press Releases

Lights Camera Africa Film Festival 2018 – Who Do You Think You Are?

The 2018 Lights, Camera, AFRICA!!! Film Festival

Theme: Who Do You Think You Are?

Date: 28th – 30th September 2018

Venue: MUSON Centre, Lagos.


To take away a people’s history is to take away their power.

Ethnicity and Identity politics are growing trends which threaten the ideal of the modern state today. Fragmenting communities and putting up walls – it is our view that this is a result of a poor understanding of what has gone before and our connections to that.

The modern African continent was built on a cause that transcended individual identities. The new continent developed a common identity and values against the enemy of colonialism and later, apartheid. These were encapsulated in the spirit of Pan-Africanism which gave vent to ideals crafted in protest and resistance – alliance and alignment with other African peoples and causes reflecting a common history and destiny on the continent and throughout the Black Diaspora. The heroes to whom we owe today and the struggles they fought are forgotten. In the years that have followed, it appears as though those histories and identities collapsed.

This year’s Lights, Camera, AFRICA!!! Film Festival presents Who Do You Think You Are? , a theme which seeks to facilitate interrogations of self and more reflective perspectives of our shared humanity. It is our thesis that self-knowledge – of history, of culture – situates, locates and informs communities, countries, and civilizations. With this year’s eighth edition, the festival focuses on a core aspect of its message – to connect with issues that are rooted in the African experience. The Lights, Camera, AFRICA!!! Film Festival continues in its eighth edition in its home city Lagos, bringing to its audience the best of cinema from Africa and the black Diaspora.

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