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Directors to watch out for at Lights Camera Africa 2018

What is a movie without a director or auteur as the French like to say? Well, that would be akin to a football team without a coach, an orchestra without a conductor, a …well you get the picture. This year at the Lights Camera Africa 2018 film festival running from Sept 28 to 30, 2018 […]

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kasala! LCA Film Festival Review

Hope is a scarce commodity in Ema Edosio’s “Kasala” – Toni Kan

Director: Ema Edosio Film title: Kasala! Year of release: 2018 Reviewer: Toni Kan Oscar winner, Antoine Fuqua, began his film career making music videos, so did Spike Jonze. Here in Nigeria, Ema Edosio has plied the same trajectory parlaying an early career making music videos alongside Clarence Peters into a filmmaking career with her debut full-length feature, Kasala which […]

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Lights Camera Africa Film Festival Returns for Eighth Edition, this September

The Lights Camera Africa 2018 film festival is here and we can’t keep still. From September 28 to 30, 2018, guests will be treated to the best in African film from blockbusters to festival favorites, documentaries to biographical sketches. It will be an amazing 3 days culminating in October 1. The festival will get underway […]

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