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LCA Flyer 2015 Blog

Lights Camera Africa Film Festival 2015 Recap

Lights Camera Africa Film Festival 2015 was a great event! We had sessions with celebrities like Tunde Kelani, Lemi Ghariokwu, and more.

The festival reviewed and presented 25 unique films from all over Africa including, Olu Amoda: A metallic journey, Gone too far, Finding Fela, Timbuktu, Faaji Agba, White Wedding, Boat Girls, Wooden Hands, Beasts of the Southern WIld, Soku Sonko, Eighteam, Head Gone, The Legacy of Rubies, Black Africa: White Marble, The Sim, Henna, Sex Okra and Salted Butter, Mr Adams, Lunchtime Heroes and many more.

If you missed out, catch up here with the director of the Film Festival, Ugoma Adegoke.

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