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Short Film

Town Crier

Crazy doest begin to define the life of Majek Itama, his family and work colleagues! Welcome to Bafana City. Welcome to Town Crier.


Town Crier


Majek is the founder of news station Town Crier, one of the most popular networks in Bafana city (a fictional city very similar to Lagos) popular for dishing out the controversial and wacky version of the news. After his company was acquired by the obnoxious Madam Kofo, everything goes to Mad Town … and stays there. Join him, his dysfunctional colleagues and family as they redefine the African dream

  • Director Somto Ajuluchukwu
  • Released 2017
  • Running time 11 mins
  • Country Nigeria
  • Language English
  • Film Type Short Film

Viewing times

  • Saturday 15:35


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