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Kasala! is a realistic and gritty film, one that does not shy away from the grime and the stench. The ghetto is up front and center in all its tainted glory.



Tunji’s uncle loves his car. When Tunji and his friends take it for a joyride and crash, they know they’d better get it fixed before he gets home. When they turn to famous Lagos street hustles and get-cash quick schemes, things start to get really crazy. Four Friends and Five Hours in Lagos. Anything can happen. In a mad-capped and hilarious romp through the dangerous Lagos streets, the boys also find a hidden humanity.

  • Director Ema Edosio
  • Released 2018
  • Running time 90 mins
  • Country Nigeria
  • Language Pidgin
  • Subtitles English

Viewing times

  • Friday 20:00


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